Searching For Proofread Accounting Dissertation Examples

When students take on the task of earning an advanced degree in accounting, they are often surprised that they have to write lengthy accounting dissertations. These immense papers are troublesome for students who choose accounting for the math and reasoning, not for writing and researching. To make the challenge of completing these large papers easier, students often look for accounting dissertation examples. While the examples can actually be easy to find, ones that have been properly proofread are not.

  • Find a Topic that You Can Research and Write About
  • Students cannot begin writing their paper until they are able to find dissertation topics in accounting. It may seem like this subject would be full of unique choices, but the topics are surprisingly limited. Many apply to corporate rules and to taxation. Once you find a topic that can be covered in a lengthy paper, it is a good idea to avoid finding a sample that someone else has written. It is too easy to copy someone else’s work and this can result in accusations of plagiarism.

  • Only Use Sample Papers About a Topic You Did Not Choose
  • Instead, it is best to find a sample about an unrelated topic. However, the paper that you plan to use as a sample should have the same formatting. For example, if you are writing in APA style, then your sample paper should also be written in APA style. This will help you recognize where you need to place in-text citations and what they should look like. It will also help you understand what your bibliography should look like. You will also be able to properly craft the other sections that are unique to the format you are required to use. If you use a paper that has a different style, then you will certainly make plenty of mistakes that will lower your grade. You might even have to rewrite the paper so you do everything properly.

  • Find a Good Sample at Your School
  • There are plenty of places to find good examples that have been proofread. One of the best places is at your college. Since you are not the first student to have this immense assignment, your college has a collection of all of the other papers that have been submitted. Eventually, your paper will be added to the collection. You can find a wide variety of accounting papers that have been properly formatted and cited. Most schools will allow students to look at the papers. You might even be able to make a copy for yourself. If you do this, is it extremely important that you only use the paper as a template and that you do not ever copy any of the text in it.

  • Find Good Samples at Other Schools
  • Another good place to find a quality sample is from other colleges. Many have websites that their students can use as templates. These writing websites are often open to the public. School websites tend to be high quality sites that are maintained on a regular basis. You might even find tutorials that help you understand how to write the complicated sections like the Abstract or the Introduction.

  • Choose a Sample from a Tutoring Website
  • Lastly, another good place to find samples is on a tutoring website. The only problem with some tutoring websites is that the samples are not always proofread to the same extent as the papers that are shared on collegiate websites. If you are using a tutoring website, be sure that you have a style guide to help you get everything correct. If you do choose a sample from a tutoring website, do not copy anything from it so you can avoid any problem with plagiarism.