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The scholarship application is also available in a Word document available for downloading here.

Please submit complete applications by Friday March 7th, 2014.

Philosophy & Description

SER Ontario is part of an international organization committed to the ecologically sensitive repair and management of ecosystems.  While the focus of our efforts is the Ontario region, we strive to share ideas and initiatives across borders and around the globe. The SER Ontario mission is to promote the practice of ecological restoration and provide educational opportunities and materials for members and for the community at large.  We, in collaboration with the central SER body, are committed to the development of ecological restoration as a science, art and conservation strategy.

SER Ontario currently includes members with a wide range of backgrounds and interests who all share an active interest in ecological restoration.  Our membership includes ecologists, educators, NGOs, writers, gardeners, designers, environmental consultants, native plant growers, arborists & foresters, scientists & researchers, natural resource managers and many others who have simply cultivated an interest in ecological restoration.

SER Ontario annually offers one annual scholarship for a student whose studies focus on applied, natural and/or social aspects of ecological restoration. This scholarship is valued at $2000 and is non-renewable. The scholarship is open to students enrolled in Ontario community colleges and undergraduate students at Ontario universities. Applicants will be adjudicated based on the quality of their application, not the type of post-secondary institution.

Scholarship Objectives

The objectives of the SER Ontario scholarship program are to:
a) support the emergence of critical research in the field of ecological restoration;
b) sponsor students actively engaged in scholarly themes related to ecological restoration; and
c) promote the broad ideals of ecological restoration through increased membership within
  SER Ontario and dissemination of scholarship winner profiles.


The SER Ontario scholarships are available to either Canadian citizens or landed immigrants attending a college or university in Ontario. Students may apply during any year of their academic program, but must be enrolled full-time for at least two terms during the award year in any discipline relating to ecological restoration.

The results of each year's scholarship competition will be announced at the annual SER Ontario General Membership meeting in the fall. Successful applicants must agree to allow their names and brief profiles to be published in the SER Ontario newsletter. Successful applicants must also provide their social insurance number for income tax purposes.


Scholarships are assessed on the basis of:
- academic excellence
- scholarly relevance to ecological restoration
- demonstrated financial need

Scholarship Application

Applicants must submit:
- a complete application form, including a 300 word statement and three attachments
- two letters of reference, to be sent directly to the SER Ontario scholarship committee

Application forms can be accessed on the SER Ontario website.

The deadline for receipt of a paper copy of the complete application and letters of reference is Friday March 7th, 2014. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all material is sent directly to SER Ontario scholarship committee, with the exception of reference letters.

Complete applications should be sent to:

Prof. Jennifer Foster
Faculty of Environmental Studies
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P